The Zen of Supreme Indifference Indifference is the strongest force in the universe.
-- Joan Vinge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm me.

Q: I know that, smart-ass. What's your name?
A: I'm not telling. If you really want to know, it's ridiculously easy to figure it out for yourself.

Q: Ha! I know who you are! Fear my awesome 31337 haxoring skills!
A: I don't care.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: To allow others to experience the bliss of supreme indifference.

Q: But that's rude. Or anti-social. Or evil. Or something.
A: I don't care.

Q: Your site is ugly. Why don't you do [...] to improve it?
A: I don't care.

Q: Why don't you add a forum to your site?
A: I don't care.

Q: Why not allow people to vote for their favourite expressions? And comment on them?
A: I don't care.

Q: Why do you have such a lame blog?
A: Blog? I don't see a blog here. Either way, I don't care.

Q: What is your opinion on [...]?
A: I don't care.

Q: But you must have so many interesting things to say, so many interesting opinions. It's not fair to deprive the blogosphere of your wit and insights!
A: I don't care.

Q: Do you accept submissions for new expressions and testimonials?
A: Sure.

Q: If I send you some, will you publish them on your site?
A: Maybe.

Q: Hey! Your attributions are wrong!
A: Feel free to mail any corrections to me. Just don't expect me to care.

Q: Hey! You made a spelling/grammar mistake on page [...].
A: I don't care.

Q: Hey! You deliberately manipulated most of those quotes to say something completely different from what the authors intended! That's bad!
A: I don't care.

Q: Your site/domain is nothing more than just another lame vanity site/domain! I hate you!
A: I don't care.

Q: Are all of these actually frequently asked questions?
A: No.

Q: So what is this then?
A: It's obligatory to add a non-funny self-serving FAQ in faux dialog style to any lame vanity site. I'm just following the format.

Q: So these questions I'm asking serve no other purpose than to further distend your already overinflated ego, and to prove that you know how to use a thesaurus?
A: Yes. Don't worry, there's no charge.

Q: That's lame.
A: I don't care.

Q: You don't deny it's lame? You don't deny that it's just a vanity site?
A: No, I don't deny it. Why should I? I don't fucking care.

Q: Hey! You said fuck!
A: So did you.

Q: Why won't you think of the children?
A: Do you even need to ask?

Q: That's not an answer!
A: And that's not a question.